Earth Station

Earth station antenna (3.5m to 9.4m) from ASC Signal (formerly Andrew Corporation Satcom division)


Mena Nets FZE stocks and delivers out of its warehouses in Jebel Ali free zone, Dubai, UAE and Beirut, Lebanon to the Middle East, Levant, Africa, CIS and South West Asia.  With more than 53 persons handling sales, services and logistics, Mena Nets FZE has been serving excellence to governments, MoFA’s, MFI’s, MOT’s, GSM operators, ISP’s, hubs, multinationals, etc.

Mena Nets FZE provides uninterrupted business to governmental, corporate and private sectors through war and peace reliably without interruption through direct involvement of its experienced and well-learnt owners, directors, managers and staff.  

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VSAT antennae (30 cm to 4 m) and outdoor terminals from Skyware Global (formerly Channel Master) and others

Mobile antennae

Mobile antennae (land, marine, flat panel, etc) from Cobham, ThinKom, Service Sat, etc

Outdoor electronics

Outdoor electronics with low power from Skyware Technologies, NJR, Actox, NextGenWave, etc and medium power from Anacom, Agilis, Terrasat, etc and high power from Xicom, CPI etc and accessories from A1 Microwave, Mitec, Jupiter, etc.

Indoor Equipment

Indoor equipment (for broadband, broadcast, data and voice combinations) from iDirect, Comtech, Newtec, Thomson Networks, Harmonic, Tandberg, ETL, Global Invacom, etc.

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Cables, connectors, splitters, converters, Power supplies, passive elements, etc.

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